Game Overview

Explore and exploit distant worlds in Astroneer – A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration, players risking everything to seek their fortune in the far reaches of the galaxy. These are the Astroneers.

As an Astroneer, you must find a way to dig out a life on one of a multitude of harsh new worlds. Blast through the terrain to uncover precious artifacts and materials you can use to fuel your quest to become a wealthy baron in the stars. Along the way, discover oddities, raise questions, and uncover mysteries. Perhaps not all is as it seems.

Astroneer Features

  • Unique Visuals – Astroneer specializes in diagetic UI, (means every object is a real physical object that interacts with the player)
  • Explore 6 different procedurally generated Planets, each with their own unique Biomes and Hazards
  • Shape your world using the Terrain Tool, and enhance it’s capabilities using Augments
  • Collect Research Items, use it to discover Schematics by performing Researches and rare Resources.
  • Over 60 unique Items, including: Resources, Modules, and Vehicles.
  • Play with friends ( or strangers you’ve recently added as friend ) via multiplayer mode.


Project Overview

While Astroneer was still in pre-alpha (pre-release) we were asked to join the production to be part of a multiple page advertising promotion for growing community awareness on the game, both with and for the community, to take the idea of space exploration in a game to the next level creatively and functionally.

We were not only able to do some amazing work on the project but also be immeasurably inspired ourselves by the creative output that the development team worked together to produce.

Content Creation

As official partners with the developers, we provided a large scale outlet for the community, contributing in-depth guides, game interactions, character stat sheets, data on items, detailed material on locations, afflictions and more.

Community Growth

Once we provided the extensive backbone, we opened it to the community to get involved, engaged and on board; providing their own unique resources on interactions, some of which has been included for players in the game.


In addition we designed layouts, templates and patterns which made for a smooth and polished interface and user experience, making it simple for navigation and interaction around the massive database of content.


Project Stats

It was exciting for our team to grow with the developers, a group of 4 remote guys and see the process of going from a small independent studio, to a fully fledged game company with hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

Additionally the interest and growth of the site spawned 9 different translations, with excited fans, building their own local community versions of the site in their own language, producing a combined 1 million users and 15 million unique page views in the last year and a half.


visitors to the site


million unique page views


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Project Links

Astroneer Website

Astroneer Community Site