Epic Communication at Your Fingertips

Cutting edge voice communication designed specifically for gamers

Bring your friends, teammates, and games together with the Twitch App

The next generation in gaming communication is here. The Twitch App brings together your favorite games, friends, and teammates with world-class technology to provide you with an epic communication experience.

This is a passionate project since we’re passionate about gaming and we know that exceptional communication with your teammates is critical for your success. The design of the Twitch App from the ground up with the goal of being the premier gaming communication platform. It’s moving fast, so expect to see many new features.


Simplify your gaming social life by connecting with friends.

Ultimate Interface

With simple yet effective UI, get anywhere with a quick touch.

Available Globally

The Twitch App is now out for download everywhere.

AI Pulse Learning

Get intuitive recommendations based on your views and likes.

Beauty Like You've Never Seen

Everything Twitch

All the streams, chat, VOD and clips you love, available from the convenience of ridiculously powerful app.

Voice & Video

Voice calls with perfect sound whether you are with a friend or an entire raid group. Send a link and start a call with anyone!

Friends And More

Friend sync easily imports all your friends so you can spend less time herding cats and more time watching, chatting, and playing together.