DTLA - Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles in DTLA was a bit of a break; a stop to digest and a re-evaluation for the team for the upcoming year as well as a look to the future.

Spending some time next to the water was refreshing, and inspiring and getting some tasty eats was by far the best part of the long weekend.

Some things we discovered and highly recommend for your next trip to LA:

  • Shin-Sen-Gumi – an informal yet fun experience and incredibly tasty food in a Japanese Ramen bar.
  • Little Tokyo just around the corner from Shin-Sen-Gumi – a taste of asia, with fun little shops to browse.
  • The Last Bookstore – A large independent bookstore in the heart of DTLA.
  • Verve Coffee Roasters – Also in the heart, quality and intelligently roasted coffee with a interesting view of the people passing.
  • Greenleaf in Venice Beach – Organic and healthy, amazing food.
  • Santa Monica’s Pier – A classic if you haven’t yet visited.


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Born and raised in Detroit, Ben Thomas moved to Chicago in 2004 to attend university. Since graduating with a BA in Computer Science and Theatre, ben has traveled most of the known world working for a number of commercial and editorial clients in photography, graphic design and web development. He’s been able to share stories and participate in the culture and lives of communities around the world. He’s a big fan of invention, creative music, a dash of strategy gaming and eating unique foods from around the world.

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